Should the Mets hold onto Bruce till July?

By Gem Tablak

Now when a player isn’t getting any attention from other GM’s once being put out on the trade market, it’s usually easy to tuck that player away & possibly shop them during Spring Training or more likey, sometime by the trade deadline. 

The problem with that & the Mets OF situation in my opinion is that once the player, like Bruce, starts to establish some legitimate trade value & becomes a productive player, the more likely you’re going to want to keep the player. Not because of hits, HR’s or RBI’s but because of games won. I mean, this is the exact reason these players are acquired for controllable young talent in the first place.

So if the Mets hold on to Bruce going into to July & they’re a winning club, regardless of how amazing or even average he may be doing at that point, would it be a mistake to let him go? Especially when the teams that are buying at the deadline are teams that are in playoff contention themselves.

If nothing is done by the end of Spring Training, my prognosis is that if Bruce does good enough to warrant 2 low level or 1 mid-end prospect, they will just hold onto him & take his production in limited roles. If he ends up doing lousy, I expect the Mets to dump him off for whatever they could get while possibly eating a portion of his $13M to net a better return.


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