Did the Mets misread the market for Bruce?

By Gem Tablak

When the Mets picked up Bruce’s option at the end of the year (while also feeling Cespedes would re-sign), I thought the Mets shouldn’t have a problem finding him another home with a different team. 

While the Mets have been active in trying to move one of their out fielders, they have yet been able to do so, especially with McCutchen potentially still on the market & even someone like Braun with the Brewers would field a lot of calls for his services. But most fans would think this shouldn’t be a problem of getting rid of a player with 30 HR’s in the 2016 season.

However, this has not been the case. When an anonymous GM was asked he stated he has no clue why the Mets didn’t decline his option. While most of us would think it’s because of insurance of just incase Cespedes does not re-sign but with so many players on the FA & trade market, the Mets may have been able to obtain similar statistics without paying $13M.

Now when another GM was asked about the same situation, he stated that picking up Bruce’s option could have been used as leverage in negotiations with Cespedes. 

While we know if Cespedes were to re-sign elsewhere, the Mets would have Bruce to fall back on. Surely, Cespedes & his camp knew just as much which may have helped his re-signing, knowing his love for New York City & the Orange & Blue fan base. 

So should the Mets have declined Bruce’s option & played the FA market for a cheaper option that could put up similar numbers? 

Should they dump his salary all together for the lowest return possible in order to sign a reliever? 

Should they eat a portion or the entirety of his contract & take the risk on a higher touted prospect?

Personally being a huge Dilson Herrera fan, I would have never pulled the trigger in the first place but I can see (barely) why fans & even management would make such a move but it looks like this trade turned out to be a total waste. 

What should the Mets do with Bruce now?


One thought on “Did the Mets misread the market for Bruce?

  1. Hindsight is 20/20. The Mets were looking for a bat to drive in runs to make a post season run. I guess if your a huge Herrera fan then you wouldn’t have made the trade in the first place. I’d rather have McCutchen than Bruce, but I’m not so sure it was a possibility.


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