Mets Catcher Candidate: Kevin Plawecki 

By Gem Tablak

Even with the Mets re-signing Rene Rivera, I’m going to go ahead & slot Plawecki ahead of Rivera. The reason being is potential, Rivera has pretty much hit his peak & is mostly used with Noah Syndergaard on the mound. 

Now over his MLB career, between 2015 & 2016, Plawecki has accumulated 365 AB’s in 121 games, also sporting a .211/.287/.285 slash line… Yes, that’s absolutely abysmal. But to his credit, he never really got consistent playing time long enough to feel comfortable with both jobs, not only swinging the bat but calling games. 

Now the reason Plawecki has any hope & is being brought into my rankings is because of his minor league career. In 5 seasons, Plawecki has a slash at .291/.362/.439 & a .801 OPS, this is obviously substantially better than what he’s done on a major league level. 

As a 35th overall (supplemental) draft pick in 2012, the organization has of course had high hopes for Plawecki, now, there isn’t really a plan for him. The Mets could package him off in a deal or they could let him sit in AAA if d’Arnaud continues to be an injury risk, but it’s certain that up until today, Plawecki hasn’t really lived up to expectations & I can honestly say that that’s through no fault of his own, a player can only do so much with not a lot of time to work with. 

Corné’s Cut: Plawecki had his chances to get the Mets starting catching job with the injuries and underperformance from d’Arnaud. Unfortunately for Plawecki he did not get the best out of his oppurtunities yet. 

In his career Plawecki has hit just .211/.287/.285 in 121 career games with the Mets. 

Plawecki has solid defensive skills behind the plate but he has yet to hit enough in the Majors to stay put.

At this point I see him as depth in Triple-A waiting for yet another chance to prove himself. 

Plawecki has hit in the minors, its waiting for him to hit enough in the Majors.


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