Cespedes making efforts to remain with the Mets

By Gem Tablak 

Sandy Alderson shared with WOR News Talk Radio on Wednesday that Yoenis Cespedes has recently texted him expressing his desire to return to the Mets of New York.

Alderson also stated that there are several other players that can be targeted & gotten via trade & named free agent options like Joey Bats & even Steve Pearce as potential Right Field candidates. Sheesh, I hope he see’s the difference between the two. Although I’d prefer Pearce on a one year deal as he platoons as opposed to 3-6 years of Jose Bautista, as he ignores the media & encourages his teammates to do the same. 

Anyway!!… I don’t get why Alderson & the team are stressing that position or even the OF at all. Granted, I want Cespedes back in a Met uniform but if he doesn’t re-sign, that doesn’t mean that the team should just go out & get the next corner outfielder with some pop. We have to consider that Jay Bruce is a Met & until that changes, pencil him in as the metropolitan’s starting Right Fielder, & that’s even if they manage to retain Cespedes. 

So while I admit I love the rumblings of the offseason, I just don’t see why RF has to be a focus point. The are other spots in the line up that could use an upgrade & I’m tired of hearing about players potentially moving to other positions to either stay healthy or get more AB’s in from other younger players. While I advocated for a ‘Buster Posey like’ move for TdA to get some time at 1st base just to keep him on the field longer but after his abysmal season, he’s not making it any easier for himself to stay in the line up & the front office may have missed that window. However, I can guarantee that if he starts the season off hot, fans will forget about last year, but that’s if they don’t upgrade at the position. 

So here’s my “November/December, to do” list, 

  1. Re-Sign Yoenis Cespedes 
  2. Trade Jay Bruce for reliever
  3. Teach TdA to hit (& to throw out runners, for the love of God) 

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