How the Mets are better prepared for a Cespedes departure.

By Gem Tablak

It’s no secret that I want to throw a boatload of money at Yoenis Cespedes, it wouldn’t & couldn’t be my money so why not back a couple of Brinks trucks in too? Unfortunately for Cespedes fans, I’m not in charge of making those decisions & the Mets made it clear that they aren’t hard pressed for him, sorta like last offseason. 

However, there are some differences now as opposed to last season. With the acquisition of Jay Bruce, the Mets may be inclined to use Granderson in CF more often. While he’s no defensive wiz in CF, I can’t see him being a clear cut defensive downgrade except for arm strength. With Reyes’ option being picked up, it’s likely that we’re going to see him leading off again. That will of course in turn move Granderson down in the line, which should very well give him more RBI opportunities. 

Not to mention Brandon Nimmo, who is a year older with some more experience under his belt. The team may feel he’s an option on an everyday basis however I feel he will be at his strongest as the Mets 4th OF. 

But let’s say the Mets want a better upgrade over Granderson or even Nimmo in CF, if the Mets decide to go outside of the organization, one obvious fit for the club is Dexter Fowler. Fowler,who was a free agent last offseason after playing for the Cubs in the 2015 season also ended up re-signing after the Cubs signed Jason Heyward to a questionably debatable deal for $210M over the span of 8 years. 

So if the Mets were to instead sign a cheaper option, they could allocate that money to other positions like the bullpen & possibly catcher whether it be via the free agent market or trade.

Now that Walker has accepted his QO & Cespedes rejected his, it will be interesting what happens as there’s reports that the Mets want to have the “issue” resolved before they head out to the Winter Meetings. 

While Conforto in LF, Granderson in CF, & Bruce in RF might not be as fun to watch as opposed to a line up with Cespedes in it. With Jose Reyes leading off & Granderson batting in a spot of the line up where he’s set up to succeed with runners on, the Mets are better equipped if Cespedes decides to walk this time around… I’ll still have my fingers crossed, though. 


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