Mets GM Alderson ‘shocked’ by Familia’s arrest.

By Gem Tablak 

Mets GM Sandy Alderson was said to be “extremely disappointed” & “Shocked” according to team officials following the arrest of the teams “Ace Reliver” Jeurys Familia. The closer was arrested on domestic violence charges & further information has yet to be released. 

Alderson insinuated that if the MLB ended up suspended Familia, the team would use Addison Reed as the closer till Familia is cleared of suspension, assuming he will receive one, in one form or the other. 

Reed is no stranger to closing out games as he used to shut down games for the White Sox & briefly for the D-Backs. He did get off to a horrendous start with the Backs but that allowed the Mets to capitalize on a trade for the solid reliever. Arizona in return received Matt Koch & Miller Diaz, both being right handed pitchers that have yet to make an impact. 

Reed in his career has 106 saves in 6+ seasons of pitching, 6 more saves than Familia in his 5 seasons of MLB service time. While the Mets will miss Familia & his dominant sinker if he ends up getting suspended, an above average reliever next in line should be able to fill in the role of getting late inning clutch outs, first in line, Addison Reed. 


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