Marlins & Mets remind us that baseball isn’t always about the final score

By Gem Tablak

Just one day after the untimely death of Marlins ace pitcher Jose Fernandez, the Mets & Marlins met up in Miami to play the Marlins first game since Fernandez has passed. Fernandez was scheduled to pitch that night vs Colon & the Mets.

Dee Gordon lead the game off with a HR & was later quoted saying that that was the furthest HR he’s ever hit in his career & referenced that God & Fernandez was looking down & watching over the Marlins. It was a surreal pre game ceremony & the Marlins kept the emotions rolling well into the game.

The Mets lost 7-3 at the end of the night. Yes, they are in the midst of a play off race & each & every game is important in regards to the 3 teams involved in this WC race. While many will disagree, I don’t think Colon threw the game vs the Marlins, Colon has a track record of pitching a few Gems in a row with one or two terrible starts in between so I will not entertain that ridiculous notion.

The Marlins won fair & square & Bartolo said it best in the post game interview saying that the Marlins deserved the win & what would of made it perfect was if Fernandez could of picked up the win. The Marlins later retweeted a Dee Gordon tweet directed to the Mets saying this…

The Mets in return, each signed the Mets Fernandez jersey & had sent it over to the Marlins clubhouse as a gift. While it’s far too soon to celebrate his life career just yet, I expect the Marlins players to grieve this loss for at least the remainder of the season & quite frankly, I wouldn’t blame them if they weren’t “all there” mentally & emotionally.


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