Is Conforto ready to bring the Mets over the edge?

By Gem Tablak

Last season when Conforto was called up from AA Binghamton, he was a well know prospect with high expectations however I think fans like myself expected him to go thru some AAA before he hit the big leagues. However, if you followed his minor league career while being able to back it up with his collegiate experience, you’d understand why the Mets skipped AAA & sent him straight to the bigs. The kid really has “professional hitter” written all over him, I see him doing it all from going all fields as well as providing 25 HR’s a year once he gets to that full time basis. 

Tonight Conforto started off with hitting his 20th double off of Phillies starter Hellickson, that number probably being closest to his projected numbers. 

Conforto later on in the 5th inning hit his 12th HR of the year with 2 runners on, off of reliever Frank Herrmann, who hasn’t pitched since the 2012 season. 

While I believe Mets fans were expecting way too much from Conforto in his sophomore season, I do understand why that would be the case. Conforto had a damn good rookie season & while scouts said they thought he would be an excellent 3 hitter, I feel that Collins rushed the role on him too soon. Even while seeing a slump after a long length of time, Collins still used Conforto in the 3 hole before finally dropping him down in the order for several games before the Mets brass decided to send him to AAA.

Since going down Conforto bashed AAA pitching which was to be expected by pretty much everybody. However the big question was if all that hitting in AAA would translate itself back to the MLB level & I think we have found our answer in this graphic provided by 

As you can see in the last 7 games, Conforto has been on the top of his game. He has 1 HR & 5 RBI’s to go along with this excellent slash line. Now it will be really interesting on how Collins uses Conforto defensively for the rest of the season, considering Jay Bruce has been nothing short of abysmal in his Met tenure, so far. 


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