Should the Mets re-sign Colon… Forever?

By Gem Tablak

Bartolo Colon has always come off as the guy that loves to enjoy himself & there is absolutely nothing wrong with that & it seems it may have rubbed off on some of the younger players, not only the pitching staff. While personally, I love to look into all different kinds of statistics, there is not statistical value to demonstrate the full importance Colon brings to the Mets.

Even though Colon was busted for PED’s in 2012 while he was with the Oakland Athletic’s, he’s personally the David Ortiz of Pitchers when it comes to PED’s. The fans seem to have easily forgotten the “crime” due to the player(s) being remorseful, open with the Media, a clubhouse favorite as well as still continuing to put up solid numbers after they’ve been caught. I’d imagine players that have tested positive in the past have to go through more of a vigorous protocol as opposed to players that regularly test clean. 

In Colon’s 3 year career as a Met, he had a record of 42-33 & this season he has an ERA sitting at 3.27 which is absolutely remarkable for a 43 year old pitcher. So in essence, Colon’s best season as a Met is this one with a big differential in his ERA to his ERA in the 2 prior season, both of which he had an ERA over 4.

So while the Mets have pitchers like Gsellman & Lugo coming up the pipeline, we’ve come to appreciate the amount of depth within the organization, whether it be younger or older. So while the Mets can’t really sign Colon forever, should they offer him a contract to pitch next year? My answer is an obvious yes, & once he calls it a career, should the Mets covet him to be apart of the organization? Possibly a roaming coach? Maybe a Special Assistant role in the front office? Time will tell however I do know this, Baseball is Bartolo Colon. 


One thought on “Should the Mets re-sign Colon… Forever?

  1. “Big Sexy” Bartolo Colon should be resigned to a yearly contract till he call’s it a career, three seasons with the Metropolitan’s he’s had a winning record lowered his ERA almost by one, not bad for a pitcher who was a fill in tell Wheeler supposed to comeback in July well Wheeler is again out indefinitely..
    Also he made the All-Star team this year, If he call’s it a career myself i’ll make him a roving pitching scout or make him the Metropolitan’s pitching coach….


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