Can Cespedes carry the Mets to the Wild Card?

By Gem Tablak

Last season, baseball fans across the world saw Cespedes carry the Mets on his back since he was acquired, which was July 31st. At that time, the Mets had a lead in the division but the Nationals were definitely making uncomfortable for the Mets. 

This year is a little bit different of a story as the Mets are well behind in the division & it seems as if they’re only shot into the playoffs will be by getting a Wild Card spot. Right now, the Mets are 2.5 games back of the 2nd Wild Card spot which is being held by the Cardinal’s with the Pirates 1 game back of them. 

So on the night where Cespedes went 3-5 & hit a walk off HR against the Marlins to put them on equal ground on Monday, one must wonder, Can Cespedes do it again? Well, why the hell not?! In his last 30 games his slash line is .317/.392/.596 while hitting 7 HR’s & driving in 21 RBI’s. The Mets may 10 games back on the Nationals but if the Wild Card is our only way in, at this point, I’ll take it. 

With the Mets only 2.5 games back, all it would take is solid game play & a little bit of luck. With 31 game left in the regular season, the Mets have more then enough time to get in that Wild Card spot, however, they don’t have the luxury to go into a funk & lose ground. 

Players like Granderson, Bruce, De Aza, d’ Arnaud & Flores really need to step it up as well as the continued solid play from Walker, Loney, Reyes & the NL player of the week, Asdrubal Cabrera in this final month of baseball. It would be crazy to expect for any of these guys to do what Cespedes has done in the past season & a half, however if the Mets can get half of what he did in September from 2 players, the Mets should definitely be able to overtake the 2nd Wild Card. If the the Mets can jel in September, they don’t need Cespedes to carry the team… That’s if Ray Ramirez doesn’t get to them first.


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