Cespedes says he won’t leave Mets

By Gem Tablak

Cespedes was asked by Matt Ehalt of “The Record” if he intended to honor his 3 year, $75MM contract without opting out & Cespedes replied “Yes”. While speaking through his interpreter, Cespedes is saying “helping the team win so we can hopefully make it to the playoffs”.

While everybody is counting on Cespedes to opt out & go to where the money is at, people are forgetting about his loyalty to the orange & blue. After the World Series last years, his agents & Mets brass worked out his prior contract to where they would have an extended amount of time instead of having to be released immediately after the WS. That enabled the Mets to start negotiations with Cespedes without having a deadline to re-sign for his services. 

Then Cespedes received a contract offer from the Nationals for 5 years which he later turned down. The Nationals contract didn’t have a clause for Cespedes to opt out after the 1st year & was also backloaded with deferrals. Cespedes eventually signed a 3 year deal with the Mets. 

As I’ve noted in a prior article, Cespedes would make the most sense in a Mets uniform. He can build his image & brand in the biggest city in the world in New York. Not to mention Mets fans have become completely fascinated with the All Star outfielder. Cespedes is saying all the right things about this current contract, now we just need to see if he will follow through on his word or if this is just all a smoke screen.


One thought on “Cespedes says he won’t leave Mets

  1. This should NOT continue like this. It’s incumbent on Alderson to sit down with Yo’s agents NOW and assess the situation. Once they give him an idea of what they’re looking for, he can either negotiate an extension or let them know that if they wait till November he’ll make the QO and go with Conforto, Nimmo, or someone else.


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