Can the Mets have both Bruce & Cespedes in 2017?

By Gem Tablak

Yoenis Cespedes signed a 3 year, $75MM deal with the ability to option out after the 1st year while collecting that extra $2.5MM on his AAV this one year if he does. While many writers & bloggers expect him to opt due to the year he’s having & I don’t blame them, however, personally I don’t think he will opt out & if he does I think he his agents will try to restructure his deal before that deadline first. 

Bruce’s contract contains a team option for the 2017 for $13MM or a buyout at $1MM which would give him a raise if the Mets actually picked up his option. However one thing fans want to keep in mind is Neil Walker as well. If the Mets wants offer him a 3-4 year deal, I’m sure that effects the Mets plan with the outfield. Not to mention that the Mets have Conforto & Nimmo waiting to take a place in that outfield. 

So unless the Mets trade off some of the younger OF talent for some IF stability at either 2nd, if the Mets decide to part ways with Walker or even at 1st or 3rd to replenish a little bit of the farm system &/or to add depth in case of injury, the Mets will have a cluttered OF with Cespedes, Bruce, Lagares, Conforto, Nimmo & Granderson.

So should the Mets package Nimmo for an IF prospect? Should the Mets consider Cespedes as good as gone? Should they give one of the OF’ers a shot at 1st base base? I feel the only 2 true CF’ers on the club as of ’17 will be Lagares & Nimmo & while both players can man down the corners, I don’t expect either of them to get too much time in the corners. So if the Mets give Conforto or Bruce some time at first, it could take away from the OF clutter but then the brass needs to figure out if Duda, Loney, or someone else is best for that position. 

A lot of factors will go into what happens this offseason. Firstly, the Mets need to see if they can work something out with Cespedes if he decides to opt out for some more money or an extra year or two. Once that decision is made, the Mets can figure out what they will do with either players like Walkers, Lageres & Nimmo, possibly even Conforto as well. So there is a lot of questions going into the offseason & I expect the remainder of the season to be a sort of an audition if you will, for some of the younger a guys as well as Granderson. 


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