This is why Cespedes will remain with the Mets 

By Gem Tablak

Saturday night Cespedes looked like an all star acquisition that the Mets have been missing but in all reality he was missing in action due to a quadricep injury. It’s amazing how a player within their own organization can make a difference just as big as a mid season, July-September acquisition. 

Now I don’t think that it’s any secret while Cespedes doesn’t want to be any kind of distraction, he is however a superstar that gained the attention of all New Yorkers & MLB fans alike with his monster HR’s, some of which coming in clutch situations & his electric arm capable of gunning down the fastest of them. Now we’ve also seen the “dark side” to our “Diva”, many writers hold a grudge due to a lack of hustle however I feel each ground ball &/or hit is different from the last & the first few steps out of the box put a lot of stress on the leg muscles which would naturally effect how he runs out grounders. 

Cespedes being the “Diva” he is, I’m sure loves the New York City scene as well as the scene going down the east coast like Atlanta & Miami. But the truth is, New York City will always take the cake. Cespedes is also a top client of Roc Nation which is based out of New York City which gives him the opportunity to expand his brand & image in a business sense that steps outside the boundaries of baseball. 

Athletes like Carmello Anthony & Alex Rodriguez are players that have taken advantage of the business life in New York. Rodriguez has put his dollars into real estate & Carmello has a couple of his own sponsorships which would make him the most money in the city as well as his own digital media company. I’m almost 100% positive both players have their hands & dollars dipped in to more investments being how “the city never sleeps”. 

So as extra incentive, why wouldn’t Cespedes re-sign? Can he get a higher value & price on a MLB contract? Time will tell. We’ve already seen the market value him differently than he figured. However, a year & a half told me Cespedes can perform under the scrutiny of the New York eye while we’ve seen so many players fold when given the same opportunity. Cespedes, I’m sure acknowledges that which would only help his sponsorship more as well. I’m sure down the line he’ll start his own Golf apparel company, he can base out of Long Island or New Jersey & make money forever but the bottom line is this. 

  1. Cespedes clearly loves New York. 
  2. Cespedes has a ton of business opportunities in New York.
  3. Cespedes wants to stay where he feels comfortable instead of moving around again.

Cespedes did opt out however I do fear that the Wilpon’s won’t offer him enough to extend his contract & stay with the Mets. They might let him walk in order to keep Bruce, a lower priced option to play RF while using either Conforto or Granderson in LF & Lagares platooning with Nimmo in CF. If he does opt out, the Mets do have extra money to delegate into different positions.


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