Mets scratch Matz vs Giants… Strategy or should we be worried?

By Gem Tablak

Before this Thursday’s game has taken place in San Fransisco, Adam Rubin of ESPN reported that there was a injury amongst the 25 man roster however no more information was provided. Being that the Giants ace left hander Madison Bumgardner was on the mound, the Mets would have easily accommodated the line up vs the LHP & that made speculations go rampid in thoughts that it might have been Granderson coming down with the injury however that was quickly cleared up. 

So now Steven Matz will miss his start vs the Giants but is it a late minute scratch or is this something that was planned? The Mets are in San Fransisco which is a lot closer to their AAA Las Vegas team so I would assume if they need a pitcher to take the trip for tomorrow nights game, it obviously wouldn’t take as long to get the player out there as it would if the Mets were at home or on the east coast. Lugo has exclusively started in AAA this season so it wouldn’t come as a shocker that he would spot start once in a while. 

The thing we need to consider is maybe Matz has hit his limit on innings pitched this season. He has an extensive past when it comes to arm injuries & it was just as recent as July when it was reported that he might be dealing with a bone spur or chip. While Matz is no 20 year old phenom, he is a bit older & was rushed through the organization while blending in with his amazing rotation mates. Now there is a little bit of more pressure on him, knowing Wheeler was a late season comeback & Harvey’s injury & surgery would send him off into next season. If Matz is done, what should Mets fans expect now? Should we expect to groom the future types like Ynoa & Gsellman or do they piggyback spot starters like Lugo, Gilmartin, & Verrett? 


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