When The Wheels Came Off

Sifting through the ashes in the wreckage of the Mets season it is easy to want to place the blame on the pilot. He is, after all, the one with his hands on the wheel.

 Maybe here, a more skillful pilot may have been able to land safely among the runway instead of upside down in a swamp.

Before we blame Terry Collins, let us first take a look at the flawed parts that make up the craft.

First there is the young and promising pitching staff. Now vulnerable against the run on top of being exposed to another grueling season that they are not yet used to. Then there is the frustration of having success last year. Season ending injuries and injuries that others like Noah and Matz are still trying to push through.

Still, a few worn parts usually isn’t the case for disaster.

Did it all go wrong when David Wright went to the DL?

Red light warnings were starting to flash.

Even though the Mets were able to fill his offensive numbers they were never able to fill his leadership role.

Throw in injuries to Duda, Travis, Cabrera, Reyes, Lagares and Cespedes and surely we have a cause for the crash.

In April the Mets flew high with a 14-8 record with Michael Conforto hitting well in the third spot. The lineup was perfect and productive. Since the Conforto slump the Mets nosedive was a sure bet.

If the Mets stand a chance in the last 6 weeks of the season it will not be Jay Bruce, Cespedes or Reyes that can push them over the top. Not alone, anyway.

If Michael Conforto is the real deal, he has to play.

…and hit.

By: Vincent Weeks images


One thought on “When The Wheels Came Off

  1. It’s all on Terry period. Different lineup every night means the guys not playing everyday can’t get in a groove . Running Walker out there for three months when he OBVIOUSLY wasn’t hitting a beach ball . Not playing Conforto EVERY DAY or Nimmo over Granderson who’s been AWFUL ALL YEAR.


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