Why Bruce hasn’t found his stroke with the Mets yet

By Gem Tablak

When the Mets brought Bruce on board, they knew last season’s super star acquisition Yoenis Cespedes has been dealing with quadricep issues & for as long as the public knows, it’s been going on & off for a month & a half, give or take a week.

Now, I know it’s way too soon to judge Bruce’s performance as a Met because he’s only played 8 games. However, the Mets don’t need Bruce to catch his stride, they need to cover ground on play off positioning, which at the time being they aren’t projected to make the playoffs at all.

While it’s obvious the Mets would have probably  accomplished nothing with a missing Cespedes, Bruce was brought on board to do exactly what Cespedes did in the the latter half of last season. However, Bruce is batting .179 since joining the Orange & Blue. He also sports a .258 OBP & a .393 slugging percentage in the last 7 games. 

Now while many may look at it is a quiet slump in midst of a transaction, could it have anything to do with a small market player, playing in a small ballpark for the last 7 plus years?

Bruce has always played in the smaller market Cincinnati where he was regularly protected by players like Jersey Shore favorite Todd Frazier & OBP specialist Joey Votto. So naturally, just moving to a bigger ballpark would take away from his normal productivity, however Bruce is known to hit a HR longer than most. 

But without Cespedes because of injury & Conforto epitomizing the definition of “Sophomore Slump”, Bruce has very little chance on saving this team on his own just like Cespedes did last season. So what does Bruce need to do? Firstly, he & the Mets need Cespedes to heal & then he needs to be “Jay Bruce”.


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