Game 6

It has been quite some time since Moses parted the Red Sea.

It’s only been 30 years since October, 1986.

The last official miracle, in my opinion.

To this day, all these years later, the words “Little roller up along first” will make the hair on my arms stand on end.

   Even typing the words now, I have them.

Sitting on the floor that night, staring up at the television was a 14 year old boy who couldn’t believe. He saw the team that had gone this far fall just short.

He saw the darkness in the window just behind the television where he stared out into the quiet night until the bottom of the 10th began.

He didn’t believe despite all he had witnessed from the team that year.

Two outs.

Nobody on.

Sometimes all it takes is for just one good thing to happen and then it all falls in line.

One single.

Then another.

Yet another.

Still, that extra run they had given up in the top of the 10th was huge.

Too big to overcome.

Then a passed ball that Mookie Wilson contorted his body away from.

Tie game.

All those foul balls.

Everyone of them enough to stop a heart by themselves.

Then came the “little roller”

The sea of blue crashed together at home plate. The roar from the crowd overlaid as the sound effect of the waves as the blue washed together down the stairs and into the clubhouse.

I believe.

By: Vincent Weeks buckner


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