Why Bruce needs Cespedes for the Mets to flourish

By Gem Tablak

Last season during the trade deadline the Mets ended up trading for Cespedes after a trade falling thru with Milwaukee for Carlos Gomez which would of also involved Wilmer Flores & injured pitcher Zack Wheeler, instead the Mets dealt Michael Fulmer to the Tigers for Cespedes & it seemed to be the right move as Cespedes carried the Mets to the post season, along with grade A pitching.

Now while it seems like Cespedes was a 1 man wrecking crew, the fact of the matter is that he made the whole line up better, not just his spot in the order, but more directly, it effects the player in front & behind of Cespedes because of how you have to approach the batter before & how you have to face the big man himself. As a pitcher, you’re going to be more aggressive with the batter before Cespedes because Cespedes is the one man in the line up you don’t want beating you with 1 swing. 

While the Mets acquired Bruce this deadline for the next best thing, Dilson Herrera, Bruce will need a healthy Cespedes for him to be productive in a Mets uniform. We all know that Bruce has the power to put one over the porch, but without a solid bat in front or behind him, why pitch to him at all? 

I’d love to think Cespedes will be back at at least 85% as soon as he DH’s in the Bronx but with the injury being a hamstring strain, I expect that he has a slow & painful first step out of the box after making contact. That being said, Bruce may not be able to capitalize off of Cespedes’ tremendous power. Bruce has shown in the past that he may need a Votto & Frazier sandwich to be successful & hopefully the Mets & Terry Collins can provide the right line up each night that would put Bruce in a position of success. Otherwise, how can the fans expect Bruce to produce when there is no support surrounding him? 


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