Could the Mets lose Cabrera for the year?

By Gem Tablak

This has to be a song that fans are tired of singing but Mets SS was placed on the DL & Matt Reynolds has been recalled from AAA Las Vegas. During the Mets come from behind win yesterday, Asdrubal Cabrera strained his patella tendon in his left knee. 

The injury came as Cabrera was rounding 3rd base on a Niel Walker RBI single & once Cabrera had crossed home plate, he needed to be carried by the trainers back down into the Met clubhouse. The Mets will further examine Cabrera’s knee & the potential damage on Monday at Manhattan’s Hospital for Special Surgery. 

The Mets brass are particularly worried about this injury as Manager Terry Collins stated “I’m really concerned about it — really concerned”. Then went to say “He was in a lot of pain, a lot more than I’ve ever seen him.  

With the call up of Reynolds the Mets can move Flores over to short & play Kelly Johnson at 3rd if they choose or they can keep Flores at 3rd & let the rookie SS Matt Reynolds man down the position. Either way, it’s not an ideal situation. Corné Hogeveen of suggested that it’s about time to give Gavin Cecchini a shot to display is talents. Cecchini has had difficulties defensively but Hogeveen states that he has been looking a lot better defensively as late so it should be something to consider, being he’s already spent half the season in AAA. 


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