What will the Mets do with Bastardo?

By Gem Tablak

So the funny thing is that Bastardo was brought on to be the antidote to players like Harper, Freeman, & even Murphy within the division but Bastardo was supposed to be the clear & cut 7th or 8th inning pitcher regardless the left/right match ups.

However, since the spring Bastardo isn’t looking like the late inning relief help they were looking to acquire to cut some of the slack for guys like Reed, Blevins, & the other guys in that bullpen. Bastardo has appeared in 40 games so far in this 2016 campaign & has an ERA of 4.85 which is more than a full run over his career ERA which is 3.74. He is also sporting a 1.41 WHIP & opponents are batting .244 but in his 42.2 innings, Bastardo has walked 20 batters which can account for his high WHIP.

I don’t know if it’s time for the Mets to cut Bastardo because it was originally looked at as a 2 year investment. However, the 1st year of the 2, has been so bad for Bastardo that I think the only way for the Mets to get rid of him is…

  1. Eat the money & release him.
  2. Trade him for a mid tier prospect while eating majority of his salary.
  3. Upgrade behind the plate with Lucroy & figure a way to throw Bastardo in the deal.

One thing I do know us baseball fans can have a short term memory, so if Bastardo starts turning it up tonight & becomes the pitcher the Mets expected when they signed him, fan will accept him with open arms. So Bastardo needs to focus on one pitch at a time & then 1 out at a time before he can be a reliable piece in the pen.


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