3 things the Mets should consider changing

By Gem Tablak

Watching the Mets can get very frustrating, as fans we all know this. Some of us tend to pick up certain things that the rest of us may not, for instance, I’m not sure if Terry Collins picks up anything at all when it comes to in game management with some questionable decisions he’s made in the past.

However, as much as I would like to list Collins as the first thing that needs to change, I won’t simply because it’s not a realistic possibility that the Mets fire their manager more than half way through the season while being involved in a play off race. That’s just not going to happen so let’s take a look at 3 things I think need to be changed as soon as yesterday.

  1. The Mets need a true center fielder. Last year when the Mets acquired Cespedes, they stuck him out in CF & while it wasn’t a disaster for the Gold Glove left fielder, we can be sure he won’t win any defensive accolades playing in center. As much as I love Michael Conforto & his potential to be the Mets everyday 3 hitter, he never was & never will be a CF. While Lagares is the only ‘true center fielder’ on the 25 man roster, the truth is, Curtis Granderson right now might be the best option in CF because of his quickness in comparison to Comforto.
  2. The Mets need to find someone to take the place of Bastardo. He may not be replaceable on the 25 man roster however he can be replaced as far as being used in late inning situations. There should be a few late inning relievers on the market so it might not come to any surprise if the Mets pick up another Addison Reed type before the deadline. I’d imagine Gilmartin to be the odd man out if a situation like this takes place.
  3. The Mets need to have a concrete plan when it comes to using Flores & Reyes. Even if that concrete plan isn’t concrete at all, for instance, play the hot hand. While there’s never certainty for the player that has to ride the pine in these situations except for waiting for your counterpart to cool off, it seems to be a better alternative than playing the guy that just got here on a minor league pact. But hey if said player was on a hot streak, fans would of obviously had less of a problem. While Flores is batting .230 vs RHP, that’s in only 126 AB’s. After a good stretch, Flores can easily bring those numbers north of .250

While I’m sure some would like to bring on a heavy hitter, the Mets & Sandy Alderson stated that a “mega-deal” happening like last year is highly unlikely. I believe if Conforto can get back to where he was earlier this year, the Mets will turn a corner.


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