How the DH would benefit the Mets

By Gem Tablak

As fans, we’ve notice some clutter with not only the Mets OF but with the IF now as well since the Wilpon’s & the Mets reacquired their former SS Jose Reyes. So a DH would enable to stick Flores in a line up daily without having to sacrifice any defense in the IF, or the team could use Granderson as the DH while his arm is now diminished. The Mets could also simply rotate the DH daily to give players half days off which would in return hopefully keep players healthier & fresher towards the end of the season. However honestly, I don’t feel Terry Collins could grasp the latter. 

Now while it’s extremely fun to watch guys like Steven Matz, Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGROM & yes, of course Bartolo Colon pick up the bat, if you take the hitting statistics away from the good hitting pitchers, I would presume that some of the pitchers price tags may drop just slightly enough for the Mets to extend the contracts of 2-3 of the teams aces. 

Another idea I’ve had is possibly making the DH optional. 

  1. The managers of both teams could come together & come to an agreement, however we probably can’t always count on that.
  2. The visiting team chooses if both clubs uses the DH before the series for the entire series.
  3. Flip a coin before series begins.

While I personally like the 2nd option the most because I don’t know if two of the separate managers could come together & try to make a decision without disagreeing with each other solely for the sake of disagreement. Now clearly I’m not a baseball “purist” but I do like things to remain the same as much as possible as long as the system is working, however I genuinely believe the Mets would benefit from having a DH


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