How the Mets are misusing Jose Reyes

By Gem Tablak

Now, it was under my impression that when the Mets signed Jose that they’d be using him in multiple different ways including playing some 3rd base. Since Reyes has been back with the team, he’s started every game at 3rd with the exception of one start at short due to a late minute scratch with Cabrera where Reyes was originally slated to play 3rd in that game anyway.

So we were told that he would be used in a few different ways & that we, as fans, should not look at Jose as the savior to the team & season. But that’s exactly what the Mets are doing, they rushed him up when he stated needed another week of minor league ball & they haven’t used him anywhere except for the left side of the in field while leading him off exclusively.

What I don’t understand is why aren’t the Mets using Reyes the same way a team would normally use a player like Emilio Bonifacio, Omar Infante, or even Martin Prado. Players that know how to play different positions, not only in the same season but in the same game or even inning. Why haven’t we seen Reyes at 2nd or in Center at all? While Reyes could never be the hitter Prado is, he does provide extra speed the Mets are lacking. Who’s to blame in this debacle? Is it Sandy Alderson? Jeff Wilpon? Or maybe the man that fills out the line up card before every game, Terry Collins. At this rate, they will overexpose him by mid August.


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