Mets 5th starter candidate: Robert Gsellman 

By Gem Tablak

This season, Gsellman has been pitching for the Binghamton Mets & had gotten promoted to the Las Vegas 51’s, the Mets AAA affiliate before he hit the 7 day DL. In Vegas he was only able to make one start but the youngster was shelled. He ended up taking the L & a 15.00 ERA with a 4.00 WHIP home with him that evening.

However in Binghamton Gsellman pitched in 11 games where he had a record of 3-4 & an ERA of 2.71 with a 1.09 WHIP. Besides the win-loss record, these numbers are fairly impressive. While he didn’t strike out a lot of batters, 48 in 66.1 innings he also doesn’t give up many HR’s, just 2 combined in both leagues. 

Gsellman’s fastball sits between 93-95 MPH & has shown the ability to still throw gas later in his outings. It’s a 2 seem fastball that rides in tight on right handed hitters making it difficult for them to get the extension they want. This pitch will induce a lot of ground balls & hopefully outs. For a lot of his baseball career, Gsellman didn’t use his curve much. That is until two seasons ago when it was suggested he mix it into his repertoire  more often. The curve is thrown at about 80 MPH & has decent 12-6 movement on it & probably could get major leaguers out with the hammer right now. 

Gsellman also throws a change up but like with most young pitchers, he’s not throwing it consistently enough for quality pitches. He has very good arm angles which makes it very deceptive & it has very late sink to it as the bottom drops out. The potential is there with the pitch, however, there is work to be done.


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