Will the Mets clutter hold Conforto back?

By Gem Tablak 

Before Conforto was sent down, he had about a 7 week stretch where he was hitting under .200 & he wasn’t showing any signs of breaking out of the the torrid slump. Even though I long called for Conforto to be demoted, about 3 weeks into his slumping, what really disturbs me is what took so long for Terry Collins to drop Conforto in the line up. That’s neither here nor there right now. 

Conforto in his 8 games out in AAA Las Vegas is batting .303 & hit his 1st double with the 51’s on Monday against Southampton, NY native Kyle McGowin. Conforto also drove in 2 runs to bring his total to 7 RBI’s & also has 1 HR with the club.

So when is the appropriate time to call Conforto back up? With Jose Reyes set to join the Mets on Tuesday, one would believe either Matt Reynolds or De Aza would be removed from the 25 man roster. There is some speculation that Flores may go down but that would be a flat out mistake if that were done. So that means the Mets can call up Conforto & drop Reynolds or De Aza off the 25 man too, right? Yes, it does. 

However in doing that, you would have a 25 man roster with Conforto, Cespedes, Lagares, Nimmo, & Granderson as your outfielders. That’s not a bad bunch at all & that’s exactly what the problem would be, they’re all too good to be riding pine for extended amounts of time. Lagares has done an excellent job in platooning & even Granderson to an extent, the Mets don’t know if a player like Conforto is fit to sit for 7 innings a day & then grab a bat in a clutch situation late in the game, same could be said about Nimmo.

What should the Mets look for? Not only in Conforto but current team needs. Granderson has done a good job leading off in a very unorthodox way for a lead off hitter to do so by having a low average & OBP but does have a high slugging percentage & he’s all over the opposing pitcher in the first inning but from there on out he’s pedestrian, not to mention his terrible arm in RF. So maybe the Mets should start prepping for the Nimmo era soon & possibly trade Curtis in the off season to clear up the clutter which would then in return give Conforto more playing time regardless what Cespedes opts to do in the off season.


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