Are the Mets & De Aza going to part ways?

By Gem Tablak

While a lot of fans agree that the Mets jumped the gun on De Aza & signed him awfully fast when the off season began. Mets fans understood at that point that there would be absolutely no chance that the team would re-sign Yoenis Cespedes. Well, luckily the Mets did re-sign Yo because De Aza has been completely terrible this season. Some may argue it’s because he isn’t getting enough playing time, which very well may be true but the fact of this matter is that De Aza was DFA’s twice last season while playing for 3 teams. So it’s not exactly like these teams out there were fighting for De Aza’s services in the first place. 

This season De Aza is batting .165/.236/.237 on the season plus has shown on various different occasions, the lack of hustle that seems to indicate that he has no drive. That again could very well be true being that he’s not playing at all & when he does it’s just a pathetic reminder of what could have been if the Mets didn’t sign Cespedes.

Now, I know just like GMs take pride in their draft picks making it to the bigs & being impactful, they feel close to the same way about the Free Agents they bring in. But enough is enough, seriously. Now I think Sandy is a great GM who’s strengths are more building from internally & with some of the trades he makes. I’ll choose to forget when he traded Angel Pagan to the Giants for 2 garbage players that ended up re-signing with the Giants the very next year anyway. But back to De Aza, he needs to be cut, plain & simple. He’ll clear if he is DFA’d & fine, if they want to keep him in AAA with his permission then just do that but there is no way he can take up a spot on the 25 man roster anymore.


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