Will d’Arnaud help the Mets turn the corner?

By Gem Tablak

Travis d’Arnaud had an absolutely atrocious start to the season. In 13 games played before going on the DL. TdA was batting .190 & it looked like his offensive woes would follow him behind the plate. Travis then was put on the DL with a strained shoulder & the Mets didn’t even put a return date on the young catcher, which was a little weird. However, I believe the Mets really had no clue what was going on with him. There was an obvious physical problem but would this turn into a mental issue as well?

It looks like the answer is no. Since returning d’Arnaud has shown signs of life behind the plate throwing out 3 would be base runners. However during his start vs the Nationals, 5 base runners were able to steal on him but that has a lot more to do with Syndergaard inability to hold runners on, so I give him a pass that night. 

Before today’s game vs the Cubs, in the previous 7 games TdA has been batting .350/.381/.350 & he added another 2 hits & 2 RBI’s on Saturday afternoon in the Mets victory raising his batting average to .244 on the season. More than 50 points higher than where it was not too long ago.


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