This is why you should thank Bobby Bonilla & the Mets

By Gem Tablak

Most Mets fans know, well most baseball fans know that July 1st is Bobby Bonilla day. The reason being is because before the 2000 season, the Mets owed Bonilla $5.9M. But in 2000, the Mets & Bonilla came to terms to defer that $5.9M & if they hadn’t, the Mets 2000 season may have ended up very differently as opposed to being the NL Champs breaking the Atlanta Braves incredible stretch of 14 years of being champs of the NL East.

What the Mets did with that money was acquire a thrifty little lefty out of Houston who was just coming off of a 22 win season & was set to earn $5.75M in 2000, a very close number to what Bonilla was set to earn that season.

Later on, the Mets lost Hampton to the Rockies where the Mets were able to gain a supplement or sandwich pick the following year & the Mets drafted a 3rd baseman out of Viginia High School who is arguably the best position player the Mets have had in a very long time, or ever for that matter. The Captain. 

So even though Wright is injured, look as the payments made towards Bonilla as just a small sum of what the Mets are also paying David Wright. It could of ended up very differently if Bonilla & the Mets didn’t agree to the deferral. The 2000 World Series could have never happened as well as one of the most impactful draft picks in Mets history with “The Captain” David Wright. So maybe we should be thanking Bobby Bo instead of making him a joke every July 1st.


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