The Mets come back to beat the Cubs late

By Gem Tablak

The Cubs got off to a fast start off of Matz scoring 2 runs in 1st inning via a 2-run blast via Kris Bryant, his 22nd of the year. While Matz had seemed to settle down, he had a little hiccup in the 6th inning when he gave up a solo homerun to the powerful infielder Javier Baez. 

Than in the bottom of the 6th, John Lackey gave up an absolute bomb to Yoenis Cespedes which ended up projecting to be a 440 ft shot that made it to the upper deck in CitiField. In the 7th inning the Mets were able to get a couple of runners on & with a blunder by Javier Baez with Walker at bat on a throw to 3rd & the IF in, they scored two runs to take the lead by 1. 

Addison Reed had tough time going 2/3rd of an inning while Jerry Blevins came in to finish up the job & put an end to the top of the 8th inning. 

In the 9th, Familia gave up a walk & than a double to Ben Zobrist to lead the inning off but than struck Bryant out for the first out of the inning. They then intentionally walked Rizzo to load the bases & to set up the double play with rookie catcher Wilson Contreras due up. Contreras then struck out on a nasty set of sinkers & Familia was only now 1 out away from healing his self inflicted wound. Baez then pops out in a 0-1 pitch to Loney to end the game in a huge Victory against the Cubs. 


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