Is Jose Reyes capable of providing that spark the Mets need?

By Gem Tablak

In the 3 minor league games Reyes has played in so far this season, he’s still yet to get a hit in his 9 AB’s. Sure 9 AB’s is nothing to worry about, also considering since he finished out his suspension on June 1st, he played 9 games & has 33 AB’s while hitting .303/.425/.485 with 2 HR’s, 2 RBI’s, 7 runs scored with 3 stolen bases. So I’m not really concerned about his 0 hits since rejoining the Mets organization, his time is better spent training at the other positions he will be asked to play.

Last season Jose, with both the Blue Jays & Rockies batted .274/.310/.378 with 24 stolen bases. That’s more stolen bases than the Mets have as a team this season. So while a ton of people are down on Reyes from a the on field perspective, I think for someone that will be doing more utility work for the team & someone that might split time with a few players at couple different positions, I would gladly take those numbers despite the extremely low OBP. He still can steal a few bases & isn’t as much of a station to station player like most of the guys on the team are. 

However that doesn’t change the fact that he’s in the declining point of his career & it shows more so defensively. So while time will only tell how Jose will do once he gets called up to Queens, I do strongly believe that the Mets should not over expose him or burn him out quickly.


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