Should the Mets make a move for Cozart?

By Gem Tablak

With the Mets recently re-signing former SS & lead off batter to play 3rd base & even the rumors swirling of the Mets making a push for Cuban 3rd baseman, Gurriel, it shows the Mets are willing to be active & creative when it comes to filling in some of their needs. But why not take a chance on Zack Cozart of the Cincinnati Reds??

Firstly, he’s a cheap option. In 2016, Cozart will make a total of $3M while he is arbitration eligible at the end of this season. Cozart is also a top notch defensive SS according to the UZR-Based leaderboard from 2012-2016 as well as being a very aware base runner on the paths. He’s also producing with the stick with a slash line at .273/.316/.486 with 11 HR’s & 31 RBI’s.

So while I’d make the move to acquire Cozart over Yunel Escobar, I’m not sure about Gurriel. However if the move was made to get Cozart, I’d like to see the Mets shift Cabrera over to 3rd, where he’s never played but I think with his reduced range, 3rd would be best for him regardless. It’s also a way to get Wilmer Flores time at 3rd vs LHP if Cabrera is ever slumping & I would use Zack Cozart as the Mets everyday shortstop till the end of the 2017 season. 


2 thoughts on “Should the Mets make a move for Cozart?

  1. So you’d make the move to sign Cozart over Escobar. Well, you can’t “sign” either of them, you’d have to trade for them.

    You’re a journalist? Amateur mistake


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