Same Start, Different Day

For every one bad Matt Harvey start you can find a dozen more that follow the same script. A lack of offense and a bullpen that can’t quite close it out. Not even a World Series start can make you think that you are not watching the same game over and over.

It seems to be the blueprint for a team that is built to win 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 games.

This one featured timely enough hitting with Cabrera making it around to score from second on two flyball outs. Something the Mets have struggled to do all year. Great defensive plays by DeAza and Conforto followed (which included a great throw from left field to nail a runner at the plate to keep the Mets ahead)

Yet, in the end, we are all rolling over in bed and turning the alarm clock off as “I Got You, Babe” plays yet again.

For a team who carries the motto “Ya Gotta Believe”, you’ve got to believe that this will all one day change. groundhog-day-driving


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