Will d’Arnaud help ignite the Mets offense?

By Gem Tablak

Right before Tueday’s game against the defending World Series Champions, the Mets activated TdA from off of the DL. He went on the DL after only playing 13 games this season & was struggling on both sides of the ball. He had a batting average under the Mendoza line & it felt like every single runner was able to steal bases & advance on his arm. Once TdA did get injured, it was a very weird time because the Mets really hadn’t set a timetable for d’Arnaud’s return & even stranger, they sent him back to California to spend time with his own personal trainer.

Now, a lot of Mets fans believe that the TdA of earlier this season, is the TdA they’re going to get for the rest of the season. Since it’s no secret that TdA is prone to injury, we all know that he can break by next week & be back on the DL. But people seem to forget that when he’s healthy, he’s one of the top catchers in the league & the evidence is there. 

In 2014, a year where TdA was sent down to clear his head & to clean his swing up, he played 108 games with 385 AB’s. During that span d’Arnaud had a .242/.302/.416 slash but had 13 HR’s & 22 doubles with very limited amount of time. During the 2015 season, he only played in 67 games, again due to injury, he had 239 AB’s with a slash line at .268/.340/.485 with 12 HR’s & 14 doubles in that injury riddled season.

So while TdA, does have problems staying on field, the numbers indicate that when he’s healthy, he’s a very viable 5-7 hitter in this Mets line up. All we need now is for Travis to stay healthy & play a minimum of 125 games a year. 


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