Should the Mets call up Montero?

By Gem Tablak

While facing the first batter of the game, Bartolo Colon took a line drive off of his right thumb & was immediately taken out of the game. X-Ray’s show no break in his hand so that’s very good news however I think a stint on the DL is just about inevitable. Now, the Mets recently called up Gilmartin, who by the way was starting down in AAA Las Vegas, so they can use him to fill in while Bartolo is healing. If the Mets do decide to go that route, they will still need to call someone up to fill out a spot in the bullpen.

My choice would be Rafael Montero. The reason why is because the Mets will need a long man or someone to spot start once in a while & although Montero is struggling mightily this season out in Las Vegas. This would be the perfect opportunity for the Mets & for him to raise his value on the trade market. He’s a former top prospect & GM’s in the league were very well aware of what the pitcher is capable of. So if they decide to call him up, he can re-establish some of his value & that would put the Mets & Montero in a win-win situation. The Mets can acquire talent for someone they might feel like they need to cut ties with & Montero benefits with a change of scenery & scenario. Most likely the team that would trade for him, would slot him right into their rotation.

So yea, call up Montero & let him make a name for himself again. Let the Mets reap the benefits of taking the risk on the older than usual signee. Let Montero benefit by getting out of the Mets organization that has very little use for him. I’m sure there are teams out there that would slot him in their rotations right now. 


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