What’s going on with the Mets bullpen?

By Gem Tablak

While the offense is clearly a glaring hole & is definitely a huge reason to why the Mets aren’t winning many games. They’ve lost 3 in a row & got swept by the Braves & dropped the last 6 out of 10 games & while everyone is pointing fingers at the Mets offense & rightfully so, one thing that may be over looked is how poorly the bullpen has been doing. 

On Sunday, Bastardo came into the game in the 7th & gave up 2 runs in his inning pitched. From the man that was expected to be the 8th inning set up guy, Bastardo has been pretty unreliable in high leverage situations. He has a 4.66 ERA & a WHIP at 1.52 while striking out 31 batters in 29 IP. In his last 15 games his ERA is at 6.75 & that’s just simply ineffective coming from the highly touted lefty.

Recently coming to surface is news that Jim Henderson has been pitching with a bum shoulder but that’s no excuse. I believe it’s your responsibility as a player to let your team know when you are hurt otherwise you’re going out there & being the weak link because of a injury that could cost a game here & there, so definitely no excuses for Henderson. On the season he has a 4.26 ERA while striking out 30 in 25 innings. I’m all about the strike outs but when you’re letting runs cross the plate, they don’t seem to matter as much. In his last 15 games, Henderson has an ERA of 6.43 & walked 8 batters while giving up 13 hits in those 14 innings. Again, ineffective. 

Then there is Hansel Robles who on the overall, has been just fine with a solid 3.30 ERA & 36 strike outs in 30 innings this season but has also hit a bit of a hiccup in his last 15 games. In those 16.2 innings he has a 4.86 ERA while giving up 14 hits & walking 11 batters, not the recipe to success as he’s also given up 9 ER’s in that span. 

So while everyone is talking about the Mets possibly picking up some offensive reinforcements, should they also concern themselves with what’s going on in the pen & acquire another solid arm to put less stress on Reed,Blevins & company? Or is this somewhere where the Mets can afford to stay in house? I do believe a combination of Gilmartin & Varrett are good to have as a fall back in the minors but more so, I hope the guys already up here start to fix their game up, or else. 


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