Should the Mets consider bringing Reyes back?

By Gem Tablak

Last week, former long time Mets lead off spark plug short stop had been designated for assignment from the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies acquired Reyes in the middle of the 2015 season for former face of the franchise, Troy Tulowitzki. I won’t get too much into how Troy’s been doing in Toronto but to sum it all up, he’s been a disappointment as one of Alex Anthopoulos’ last moves while GM on the Jays. 

The same thing can be said about Reyes. He’s been a big disappointment for the Rockies, off & on the field. On the field, he’s clearly lost a few steps as speed was his strength during the prime of his career. Not only has it effected him offensively but he’s not the same shortstop he used to be defensively like when he was with the Mets & even his one season with the Miami Marlins. While Reyes hasn’t played any games this year due to domestic violence charges he caught in Hawaii during the off season while he was on Vacation with his girlfriend. Witnesses reported Reyes grabbing her very aggressively all over & had many marks & bruises throughout her body.

Now I’m all for second chances as I’ve gotten a few during my times as well & I do believe Reyes will get his second chance, I just don’t see it happening with the Mets because of the reasons I previously stated. Now for the record, at the time, I knew there was a choice between two players. One of them being David Wright & the other player being Reyes. I was an avid supporter for Reyes because I think the Wilpons built the stadium just for him, with all that space in right center, he could of had 15-20 trey baggers pet season. However they opted to go with David Wright & it’s no secret that he’s been having his issues as well.

All that being said, why would the Mets even consider this? That’s if speculation is correct & they really are considering Reyes. Yes he can back up at 2nd & short & he may have a few singles left in him but brining him in would be a complete PR nightmare. Reyes knows what it’s like playing in a big city but he dealt with the media while he was looked at as a superstar, now he’s not even a shadow of what he used to be. If the Mets do end up bringing him in, I won’t lose my shit & cancel my account but it will make me scratch my head. The reason being is because if the Mets aren’t worried about the reputation, why didn’t the Mets go for Aroldis Chapman when he was dirt cheap. The Yankees ended up bringing him in for practically nothing & now the Mets are experiencing bullpen woes as we start to hit the summer time.


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