Is Henderson’s job in the Mets bullpen at risk?

By Gem Tablak

With Bartolo Colon slated to make the move to the bullpen as Zack Wheeler returns to the rotation, the Mets have the option to move Varrett to middle relief where he’s been much more effective. Henderson in the last 15 games has an ERA of 5.65 in 14.1 IP with a WHIP of 1.40 & 14 strike outs.

Varrett has an ERA 4.02 which most will say that’s not a lot better but that ERA includes the games he was used to spot start as well. Soley as a reliever, Varrett has an ERA of 2.49 in 15 games, pitching 21.2 innings & while keeping the opponents batting average at a meak.215 but only striking out 16. 

Now the Mets have called up Erik Goeddel who’s only pitched 2.2 innings this season but surprisingly to me, he has 42.2 innings pitched in his career. His ERA is an impressive 2.32 & a WHIP of 0.98 while striking out 42 & keeping opponents at an average of .188. So if the Mets do decide to part ways with Henderson or send him down to the minors, there’s at least a couple of guys waiting to jump all over the opportunity. 


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