Mets fall to the Braves

By Gem Tablak

After such a good stretch of seeing Matt Harvey possibly return to his old self recently, on Friday night vs Braves he just couldn’t get it going. While, I didn’t see the same technical flaw that was hindering him at the beginning of the season, it just seemed like that the Braves beat him tonight. After 6 innings pitched, Harvey gave up 7 hits & 4 earned runs while striking out 5 & walking 2.

Even though in my eyes, this is not that Matt Harvey with a 6.08 ERA, when he takes that bump every 5th day, he needs to be better. Plain & simple. While its notoriously known that Harvey never seems to get the run support from the offense that he needs to throw some more W’s on his record, but he’s been making it awfully hard for the Mets, besides that 20 inning stretch he had where we were seeing flashes of the Dark Knight looking over Gotham. Is this a blip in the radar or this this Harvey returning back to how he was at the start of the season? Personally, I’m being optimistic about it. 


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