Does Valencia to the Mets make sense?

By Gem Tablak

When the Athletic’s originally picked up Danny Valencia, I thought it was a pretty good deal. It turned out to be a great deal for GM Billy Beane & while he was mashing LHP last year, he definitely made himself to be what seems like a valuable trade asset on the market. This seems like a position Billy Beane loves to be in & while every GM has the right to ask for whatever they want, will he demand too much from Sandy Alderson & the Mets minor league system. I know, I know, their minor leaguers but Friday night was a prime example of giving up good talent to fill in a temporary need.

So why wouldn’t Beane ask a ton for Valencia? He’s batting .327 with a .370 OBP & a .550 Slugging Percentage. Another reason Beane would ask for more than the usual rental is because of the controllability factor. Valencia will be eligible for his final year of arbitration in 2017 which means he will be a Free Agent in 2018, unless a deal gets struck up trying to avoid arbitration. Not to mention he plays multiple positions in the corners of both the infield & the outfield as well as being able to man down 2nd base as well.

So what should the Mets give up for someone like Valencia?? It also depends if there’s more to it. Maybe the Mets can also try to work in Stephen Vogt to help with the duties behind the plate. I would offer the Athletic’s Rafael Montero, Gabriel Ynoa, Matt Reynolds, Ahmed Rosario & Josh Edgins for the 2 players. Montero could slot into their rotation right now while you slide Marcus Semein 3rd base & give Matt Reynolds the starting role now. 


2 thoughts on “Does Valencia to the Mets make sense?

  1. Noo definitley not Rosario. He is our future shortstop for 2018 and beyond. I would sooner try and trade Nimmo and possibly Cechinni before even considering him.


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