Do the Mets need to make a blockbuster trade?

By Gem Tablak. 

In short, my answer is no. However, I do like Stephen Vogt & even someone like Billy Burns if Lagares requires surgery, but that’s hardly a blockbuster trade. Even at that, the Mets are paying De Aza about 8 million dollars so I’d assume the Mets slot him into Lagares’ late inning defensive replacement role & the occasional day off for each one of the out fielders. However, even though I don’t think getting someone the likes of Vogt would be labeled as a “blockbuster”, he is someone that TdA could split time with in order to stay healthy. If you give Vogt a bigger portion of the catching duties, you can start TdA at 1st vs LHP to bolster the offense. 

But even if it wasn’t Vogt. The Mets already reacquired Kelly Johnson for youngster Akeel Morris. Can the Mets acquire someone else that is the likes of Johnson & Uribe last year? There’s players like those that are scattered across the league that would love to play for a contender.  Can they acquire role players to fill in when need be? Is it better to go the route of getting key players with smaller roles or do the Mets need to acquire a Lucroy or a Valencia? Do the Mets really need to make a blockbuster? 


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