Could Montero lower his trade value anymore?

By Gem Tablak

For the second night in a row a was treated to really great seats behind all the action, sitting next to all the scouts with their radar guns & scorecards. Now anyone can sit there, it’s no special feat, however those are my favorite. Unfortunately, what I had to watch tonight was Montero just getting continuously shelled. I mean, it was just awful.

Montero’s final line was 9 R’s 7 ER’s 3 BB’s with 5 k’s in 3.2 innings. In the 2nd inning, Reno Ace’s right fielder Mitch Haniger hit a bomb of a 2 run HR that went over 440 feet, clearing the huge center field wall in Cashman Feild. Then in the next inning, Ace’s 2nd baseman Mike Freeman who ended the night going 4-6, hit a 400 foot triple in the 3rd off of Montero. This theme would continue for Rafael on this windy, Wednesday night.

At the year, Montero has an ERA of 5.82 in the very hitters friendly PCL but one has to wonder what Montero is doing to himself. If he lowers his trade value to the point where it’s too low to get anything decent in return, that’s a completely lost investment. The Mets rotation is currently full with Wheeler on the cusp of returning in July possibly. I don’t see him getting a start unless another injury occurs or on possibly a spot start but Montero has proven that he isn’t much better in the big leagues even though he’s yet to even have 100 career IP under his belt. In a Met uniform, him being a bullpen piece is his ceiling. If he doesn’t turn it around soon, his will be a name that we will all end up forgetting. 


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