It’s Time to Shake Things up. 

By Andrew Patten
It’s Time to Shake Things Up
As I type these words, I look and see the Pirates celebrating a 4-0 victory on the infield at Citi Field. The Mets were only able to squeeze out 3 hits from a pitcher who is only making his second MLB start. It was once again another frustrating game. The Mets have now lost 3 in a row and have looked lost. The Mets are 5 games back and the Nationals don’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon. As of right now I feel as though if the Mets don’t do anything, hopes for repeating as NL East champions are in doubt. So how can the Mets get back on track? A few things come to mind.

Call Up Nimmo and Herrera
Michael Conforto is now 5-54 and dealing with a wrist injury. De Aza has looked like Chris Young but worse. I feel as though this is the time to call up Brandon Nimmo. He has been tearing it up in the PCL these past couple of weeks. Nimmo is hitting .330 with 5 HR and 32 RBI. Some may say that now isn’t the time to call Nimmo up and let him develop more in Triple-A. I think if the Mets want to get the offense going I think this a solution that doesn’t cost you anything. If Nimmo comes up and doesn’t look good you can send him back down and continue to put up good numbers. When it comes to Dilson Herrera, it’s a very interesting case. Neil Walker is dealing with a back problem and is uncertain if a DL stint is needed. Wilmer Flores has been playing well but is not the answer when it comes to the 3B situation. Kelly Johnson has been a nice addition but I can’t imagine he will be playing against LHP. Dilson Herrera is hitting almost .300 with 10 HR. If you call Dilson up, there is the possibility that Walker moves the 3B but the Mets are hesitant to do that sense Walker and Cabrera have been a nice double play duo. If I were Sandy, I would put Conforto on the DL and call up Nimmo. I think with a wrist injury, it would be better to put him on the 15 day DL to let his wrist heal some more and then give him a rehab stint. If Walker comes back and his back is still acting up, then I would send him to the DL and call up Herrera.

Explore outside the Organization

This is an option I don’t think Sandy is ready to do though Met fans are ready to do so. The Mets are in an interesting spot. They are 5 games out but hold the second Wild Card spot. I don’t think the Mets would want to do this now due to the fact that we are still in June and there is lots of baseball left. Though the Padres traded James Shields I don’t know if they would pull the trigger on a deal for Solarte. I think the Mets aren’t ready to be looking for a trade right now but if we are in the same situation in mid July and are still in the hunt for the NL East or a Wild Card spot, I would expect the Mets to make a trade for a middle of the lineup bat. Could the Mets tomorrow put up 10 runs? Absolutely. Only time will tell.


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