What about Stephen Vogt?

By Gem Tablak

Ok so there’s nothing sexy about the name… Ok well let’s face it, I couldn’t even pronounce it correctly up until 3 minutes ago (It’s pronounced “Vote” apparently) & there’s nothing that really stands out about his numbers. That’s what makes him a perfect trade & catching candidate besides the fact that the team that employs him & their GM, Billy Beane, is no stranger to dealing off a few of their assets. I really don’t think it would take much to get him but that’s all ones perspective. 

So far this season, Vogt is hitting at an average of .275 with a .307 OBP & a .425 Slugging Percentage. Over the span of his 193 AB’s Vogt has 5 HR’s with 16 RBI’s to go along with 14 doubles. However in his last 15 games Vogt is batting .328/.359/.541 with with 2 of his 5 HR’s coming in that time as well as 9 of his 16 RBI’s. I’d say that’s pretty impressive coming from a position where the Mets have had no production.

Another thing I find appealing about Vogt as well, is his ability to play first base. Billy Beane has always liked versatile players so it comes to know surprise that Vogt fits that mold as well. Once Travis d’Arnaud comes back, I believe the Mets can ease him back into role with having a veteran like Vogt while being able to use him at both positions as well. I don’t know what that Mets have in store but I don’t see a “Cespedes” type deal taking place this summer, nor a “Lucroy”.  


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