Who should be the Mets everyday Catcher?

By Gem Tablak

As everyone knows, recently the Mets have been plagued by injuries with some pretty key players, one of those players being Travis d’Anaud a.k.a. TdA. Now while Travis was only batting .196 in the 13 games he played this season, he was still a presence in the line up. The silver lining in this is that TdA is down in Port St. Lucie & he’ll soon catch back to back games during this rehab assignment.

The the problem is who do you throw behind the plate now? Now, I bet in every single scenario the Mets & Sandy Alderson envisioned in a situation like this that Kevin Plawecki would slot in as a replacement with no issues at all. However, that’s far from the case. Plawecki is at an average of .205 with a .301 OBP & a .274 Slugging percentage. Nothing to rave about. He’s also seeming to let his struggles effect him on the defensive side as well.

We also have Rene Rivera getting a chunk of playing time recently. While the Mets know Rivera was never known to be an offensively productive player, the coaching & pitching staff seems to have a lot of faith in the catcher who profiles more as a back up. In 49 AB’s, Rivera is batting .143 .257 .327 over the span of 16 games.

While I think TdA will be asked to jump right in when he gets back, he’s had more than his fair share of injuries to make you wonder “what if this happens, yet again?” While I haven’t heard anything recently, it doesn’t seem like the Mets are helping him prevent these injuries as well. I believe they should of started taking the “Buster Posey” approach by getting him some reps at 1st base. None the less, what do the Mets do the next time around? Whether it be this year or next, do they turn to Plawecki? Rene Rivera? Or do the Mets explore options outside of the organization. 


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