Is the ‘3rd’ time the charm for Wilmer Flores?

By Gem Tablak

We are all aware that Wilmer was given the shortstop job last year but I think people forget that was his 2nd legitimate opportunity since he’s been up with the big league team. In 2014, Flores played in 78 games with 259 AB’s. At that point in his career, they both were highs.

So now with the unfortunate injury to Wright & the herniated disk in his neck, Wilmer has been manning down the 3rd base position. In the last 15 games Flores has an average of .311 & an OBP at .380 while slugging .400 which all seems to suggest as of now that Wilmer is more than capable of holding down 3rd for an extended period of time. 

However the Mets did make a smart move in reacquiring Kelly Johnson to back up at both 2nd & 3rd. In a RHP dominated league, the young Flores may need to sit consecutive days if he’s in a slump or if he’s just not used playing consecutive games at such a premium position, they don’t call it the hot corner for no reason. As long as Wilmer keeps this up, we can be sure that TC will be leaving him in the line up.  


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