Should the Mets send Conforto down to AAA?

By Gem Tablak
Right before the season started, I had wrote an article on the possibility of sending Conforto down to AAA. In all reality, I didn’t think it would really happen nor did I think it was a good idea. The premise to my story was that the Mets should have Cespedes man down left where he is already a gold glover & keep Lagares in center, where he is also a gold glover. Since the Mets had already signed De Aza, it would of been a good opportunity to get him much more AB’s as a 4th outfielder as opposed to the 5th. Not to mention, I think it would of saved money with Conforto & his service time.
While it was just a random thought at the time & I think a pretty good one at that, I think that it’s much more of a possibility now. Conforto in his last 103 AB’s only has 17 hits. That would make his average .165 with a .235 OBP & a .350 Slugging Percentage over the last 30 games. It’s no secret that the Mets rely on him in the middle of the order, especially with the likes of Wright & Duda out for several weeks. However his numbers are indicating that he’s just not gettin it done right now.
Now this is no knock on Conforto at all but you have to understand that he doesn’t have a single AB in AAA. Some players don’t need it & Conforto looked to me like he didn’t need AAA. However, there’s just something off with him right now & it shouldn’t be looked at as a punishment to send him down just so he can get the chance to clear his head. It seemed to work with Travis d’Arnaud back in 2014 so why not give it a shot with Conforto now? I think it would be good for him to get out of his head for a week or two. 


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