Is Harvey passed his struggles?

By Gem Tablak

I think Harvey took leaps & bounds back into being Gotham’s Dark Knight again. In the film “Dark Knight Rises”, Bruce Wayne takes time off from being the Dark Knight & becomes a recluse as he locks himself away in his quarters. Once he realizes that by not living up to his ego & expectations by an orphanage not receiving funds anymore & Gotham getting out of hand, it was then he realized that the Dark Knight needed to make a come back. I find this to be very good analogy with what’s going on with Harvey.

Up until today, Havey was sporting a 6.08 ERA with a record of 3-6. Plain & simple, he wasn’t being the Dark Knight we were accustomed to seeing. During Harvey’s last outing vs the Nationals, Ron Darling pointed out that Harvey was cupping or wrapping the baseball close to his wrist which can & would cause inconsistent movements in midst of his wind up, delivery, & release points. While the Mets still have a good overall record with 28 wins & 21 losses so it’s not quite like Gotham being in peril, the Mets do trail a very good Nationals team in D.C. by 1 game. Now yes, 1 game is nothing when you haven’t even hit the month of June yet but the Mets are already experiencing some issues with players staying healthy. We all know Wrights situation & now has a kink in his neck to top that off, a DL stint is very possible. Duda has a stress fracture in his back & is supposed to keep him out of a minimum of 5 more weeks & Flores is just recently coming off of the DL. 

So the Mets are easily a bad offensive stretch away from dropping some games in the standings. With the Dark Knight back in full form, the Mets have at least a fighting chance to keep Gotham…errmm I mean New York, in the race. While the Mets reeled in Loney, I don’t think he’ll bring the Offensive prowess the Mets will need during the rough stretches. Now with Wright likely headed to the DL, The Mets do not have many internal options at the hot corner. So there is no better time for the Dark Knight to return to Gotham. 


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