David Wright has a herniated disc in his neck.

By Gem Tablak

Earlier on Monday, David Wright told reporters that he has a herniated disk in his neck & he will undergo further testing in the days to come. While it seems a move to the DL is inevitable, one has to wonder about the Mets captain’s career. Along with his spinal stenosis, it’s not looking good for David.

The Mets have 3 players that are currently on the bench that can man down the hot corner. My first choice for the open slot would be Wilmer Flores. The young infielder has manned down the position many times in the minors & has had plenty of reps in the bigs. They can also opt to go with Eric Campbell, while I hope this wouldn’t be the Mets choice, I can’t say I would be totally surprised, being how he’s still on the team. Or the Mets can go with recent call up Ty Kelly. Kelly has been a journeyman in the minor leagues & got his first big league hit on Monday, the 27 year old is far past prospect status & besides playing a few positions, I don’t really see what he brings to the table. 

Now if the Mets want to get creative, they could call up Las Vegas 51’s 2nd Baseman Dilson Herrera & slide Neil Walker over to 3rd, a position he played coming up in the minors. In the majors, Walker has played 15 games at the hot corner for the Pirates in years past. So there are a few options but internally like Reynolds, Rivera & the players I named, but none of them seem to be a long term solution. What would you do?


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