Update: What should the Mets do with d’Arnaud? 

By Gem Tablak

  • Update: The Mets offered TdA straight up for Lucroy & the Brewers rejected the offer. Now it’s said the Mets are offering d’Arnaud as well as possibly Cecchini but Milwaukee maybe looking for a higher return in prospects. In my opinion, the Rangers pull off the deal because they have more prospects that’s are closer to major league ready. However Sandy Alderson still has a couple of days to strike a deal for the veteran catcher who can slot right into the clean up slot. The one thing the Mets have in their favor is returning a catcher who can slot right into the Brewer line up immediately. d’Arnaud has a slash line of .261/.292/.304 in his las 7 games. 


For sometime now, TdA has been sidelined on the DL with a strain in his right rotator cuff. Before he was even injured, he’s been known to have some problems throwing out runners. So far this year on 17 attempts, 14 runners were able to advance on him. Nothing to really gloat about. So that leaves the Mets internet community  asking questions, mainly, what to do with Travis d’Arnaud.

I see a lot of talk on the internet about getting rid of him & I’m assuming they mean via trade. Well the tough thing about that right now is that his stock is down. It’s no secret to the league that d’Arnaud might be a bit more fragile than other starting catchers in the league & not to mention his issues throwing runners out. I saw this first hand last season when TdA was in Vegas briefly on rehab assignment (Left Wrist, I believe) & the opposing AAA team was running all over him. So if the information is available in that nature in AAA, I’d only imagine it’s just as available in the big leagues.

So why trade the catcher when his stock is on the low side?? Probably wouldn’t get a top notch prospect at this point. So if TdA’s issues are with his throwing shoulder, obviously throwing the ball in attempt to catch runners stealing a base isn’t putting any less stress on that shoulder. So why not experiment a little bit?? With Plawecki able to fill in now, this may be the perfect time to take a look at some ideas.

So what I propose the Mets do with TdA is take the Buster Posey approach. Have him catch 3 games a week & when there is a LHP on the bump, shift him over to first base while giving the struggling Duda the night off. Not only would that keep TdA healthy but it would also 1.) Keep Plawecki ready to go without letting him sit for long stretches 2.) You would be able to use Flores at another IF position besides 1st base. While both Cabrera & Walker are doing great vs LHP, I don’t know if those numbers will sustain on the long run so Flores is an ideal fill in.

Travis is also relatively cheap right now, I think that’s the biggest part of his value right now but I don’t know if that’s enough to get a big enough return for a potential star. Besides, I have a feeling if he were to be traded, the team that would take him on would probably take that Buster Posey as well. So why not just hang on to him? He has one option left so he doesn’t need to be left on the 25 man if his play warrants such a move. Maybe visit the trade notion when he has less then 2 years on his contract but I wouldn’t be too hasty just yet.


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