Week 5: Position players recap

By Corné Hogeveen and Gem Tablak

We from 86 again wanted to do a Mets Player recap for every Mets player on the 25 roster. Both Corné and Gem will give their own grades for the week. We grade from very bad, bad, solid, good, red hot.

Position Players

Curtis Granderson:

Corné: Bad. Grandy struggled this week hitting only 115 with a 207 on base percentage. He was robbed of hits a couple of times but his at bats are tough to watch at the moment. He did hit a homerun in Fridays loss.

Gem:Bad. Despite some signs on life here & there, Granderson has been pretty weak batting out of the lead off spot. 

David Wright:

Corné: RED HOT. David had a great week with a stunning 577 on base percentage. He can still play at a high level. Hitting 353 with 2 homeruns and getting on base!

Gem:Red Hot. Got on base more than half of his times up to bat. Impressive.

Yoenis Cespedes:

Corné: Good. His average was down to 269 but he hit some big homeruns again this week. 3 homeruns and 6 rbi’s in a week is not bad at all.

Gem:Red Hot. It may not be the typical “Red Hot” ranking I would give however. He’s been clutch so I have him ranked up high.

Lucas Duda:

Corné: Solid. The average was very low at 167 but Duda did manage to hit 3 homeruns this week.

Gem: Solid. Feast or Famine with Duda this week. 

Neil Walker:

Corné: Very Bad. 2 for 23 this week and banged up a bit after some foul balls of his shin. Tough week for Mr Walker.

Gem:Very Bad. 2 for 23, not much I can comment on that but I expect him to turn it around by June… The latest.

Michael Conforto:

Corné: Very Bad. 3 for 25. Not a good week for Mr Conforto also.

Gem:Very Bad. The sophomore Conforto has had a rough week. Nothing to worry about over here, keep it moving!

Asdrubal Cabrera:

Corné: Very Good. 320 with a homerun and 3 runs batted in. Thats a good week for Asdrubal

Gem:Very Good. Cabrera is making a case to be in the 2 slot. At the very least, he’s showing he can fill in in that spot if need be.

Travis d’Arnaud:

Corné: N/A d’Arnaud is still on the DL and had a setback.

Gem: N/A.

Juan Lagares:

Corné: Solid. 2 for 8 this week with limited playing time

Gem:Solid. Tough to rank but I will say this… I thought Lagares would hav a bit more playing time than he’s received. 

Kevin Plawecki:

Corné: Good.Plawecki had a good week replacing d’Arnaud. He hit 333 with a 474 on base percentage and 3 doubles.

Gem:Very Good. Plawecki is showing the Mets that if they decide to part with TdA, their in good hands.

Alejandro DeAza:

Corné: Bad. 0-4


Eric Campbell:

Corné: RED HOT. Campbell got the start on Sunday and was outstading with a 2-3 game driving in a run. He also walked twice this week and made a great play to end the game on Sunday. 667 average with a 800 on base percentage works for me!

Gem:Good. I wouldn’t get used to these numbers but I’ll take them every week.

Wilmer Flores:

Corné: Good. Finaly Wilmer had a good week with a 333 average and a 385 on base percentage.

Gem:Good. I would love to see Flores turn it around & be that utility infielder.

Rene Rivera:

Corné: Solid. 1 hit this week but that was a big 2 run homerun to get a struggling offense going. He also threw out a runner trying to steal against Synderaard which is a great sign. Noah’s personal catcher?

Cem: Good. Seems to be a solid defensive back up but I wouldn’t expect him to go deep often. It’ll be interesting to see how the Mets handle the Catchers once TdA returns. 3 Catchers on the 25 man, maybe?


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